Triton rides with the Tritons

If you search on the British Cycling website for a club containing the word “tritons” two clubs come up. Greenwich Tritons and Milford Tritons. Now you may think “So what?”. Well I’ll tell you what. Local “boy” Bill Evans who originally hails from Hakin is a member of the Greenwich Tritons and today rocked up on our coldest ride so far to join us. Bill, a former player at MHRFC knew a few of the Tritons from their playing days although recognition through the warm layers, sunglasses and scarves took a while but its good to see they are keeping their fitness up and talk of Friday’s match wasn’t even mentioned!

I haven’t heard how the ride went so maybe Bill could give us an account from his point of view. I know he loves the views of the County as he and sister Rachael often cycle together when he’s home.

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