Member Benefits

Anyone who is interested in cycling as a sport or pastime can apply to join the Club. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit you are or what your cycling ambitions are: we’ll always try to make you feel welcome.

What you get for your money: As a ‘first claim’ (i.e. full) senior or junior member you are entitled to:

  • Join in all the club’s cycling and social activities
  • Represent the club in open races organised under the rules of bodies such as Cycling Time Trials and British Cycling (although you may have to pay a licence fee to the relevant organisation)
  • Receive regular club news by e-mail
  • Obtain advice and coaching
  • Buy and wear club kit
  • Get discounts of 10% at┬álocal bike shops

Above all, the main benefit is that you will be a fitter healthier person and will enjoy the beauty of the County in a way not possible when motoring.