Club Rides

All rides leave from The Meads Leisure Centre, Priory Road, Milford Haven at 9.00am Sunday and are published on our Facebook Page and Group pages, and Twitter!

At the recent committee meeting it was agreed to  a slower paced ride every Sunday as a main ride.  However quite often we need to have more than one group so the pace of the extra group can be decided by the riders in that group before setting off.

Route, Ride Leader and Sweeper to be agreed for each group before the ride starts.

Route for Sunday Rides will be the same for Groups 1,2 and 3  unless advised at the start.

Club Rides are now categorised as follows:

Group 1 Ride – Average speed is usually around 12mph; no riders will get left behind and the group will wait on hills and for mechanicals/punctures as we always have done. Ideal for newcomers or those returning to cycling after a lay off, and existing members who are looking for a leisurely social ride.

Group 2 Ride – Average speed approximately 14mph.  Intended for those who prefer a quicker paced ride with less waiting. No drop policy

Group 3 Ride – Average speed 16+mph; structured training ride agreed prior to departure although the idea is to keep the group together there may be no waiting for dropped riders.

The last Sunday of each month there will be an Easy Ride with Coffee (approx 20-25 miles) intended to encourage newcomers to cycling to come and join us.

From 1st April midweek rides will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday leaving The Meads at 6.00pm and then moving to 6.30pm when daylight allows.

Guest riders are welcome to join us for two rides before deciding if they would like to join the club.