Sunday Club Rides

Following a recent committee meeting it was decided to have a 2 week break following the Awards night while we prepare the new winter ride list. This will be published in full up to the end of March when the clocks change again and Turbo Sessions cease.

Volunteer ride leaders and sweepers can then put their names to dates so that responsibility can be shared throughout the winter.

In this 2 week break it is hoped that we can offer a couple of coached sessions for all senior members and as requested –  ladies only. This will serve two purposes – it will help development of club coaches who currently only coach juniors and also assist the membership improve their cycling skills and group riding. It is difficult to sometimes get a message across out on the road and hopefully an off road session will ensure all riders are on the same wavelength in accordance with the club ride etiquette. This is not an exercise in teaching you to “suck eggs” and we are sure you will enjoy the sessions.

The committee hopes that the membership will support these sessions but they are subject to availability of the school on Sunday mornings. I will post here as soon as we are able to offer a definite date.

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