download Following a meeting at Carmarthen Town Hall on Monday I have the following news to share with members who may be interested in Track Cycling._86952863_newone

A £600,000 plus investment in the existing velodrome located at Carmarthen Park (just up the hill from Tesco) will begin in April with a view to bringing back track racing to West Wales.

Photographs depicting events at the Park from the early 1900’s shows crowds in their thousands around the track perimeter. Later in 1974 which I watched as a 16 year old had reduced crowds but still in the hundreds and competitors from Wales and England. I also watched some sort of Welsh Championships there some years later. For those wondering about the location, the Tesco store is below the grandstand at the bottom of the the picture.

The track was closed in 2015 following incidents where riders had fallen due to the poor quality of the surface and British Cycling condemned and closed the track to cyclists. No cycling (officially) has taken place since then.

Following intensive testing of land movement, existing concrete quality and suitable products for re-surfacing tenders were put out earlier this year and are due in at the end of this month. Samples of the final texture of the track were circulated and although there will be joins between the 232 concrete sections the smoothness and grip of the finished surface was superb. Work is to be completed by the beginning of September so that Carmarthen Quins can play their fixtures at the start of next season.

The management of the velodrome will be Council run and will be bookable by clubs for as many participants they deem safe. Clubs booking the facility will need to marshal the perimeter (mainly to the skatepark as previous use had seen some disturbance from this area). The Council are now well aware of the issue and are considering adding more CCTV to assist  user of the velodrome in preventing such disturbances.

Welsh Cycling Development Officer Aled Jones indicated he hoped to arrange a Track League and also Development Sessions for interested parties. There would be sessions for Road Bikes Only, Track Bikes Only but not mixed.

As a very rough indication £40 per hour would be the hire fee and bookable online.

For Track Bikes accredited coaches only can coach but for Road Bikes both Level 1 and 2 BC Coaches can run the sessions but this is subject to confirmation.

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