2021 TT Schedule

2021 Tritons Timetrial Schedule

*Novelty – Any roadworthy pedal powered Bicycle/Tricycle (BMX,Fixie,Vintage,Shopping Bike,Trike etc)

** Come and try – Any Rider is welcome to attend a come and try event and does not need to be a member of a CTT affiliated Club

ENTRY FEE REMAINS £3 per rider per TT for the 2021 Season (with the exception of the open events which are to be entered via CTT)

ALL RIDERS ARE REQUIRED TO BE A MEMBER OF A CTT AFFILIATED CLUB (with the exception of come try events which are exactly for coming along and having a try)

Thursday 29/04/202110m1900Tiers Cross
Thursday 06/05/202110m 1900Tiers Cross (Novelty)
Thursday 13/05/202110m 1900 Neyland
Thursday20/05/202110m1900Tiers Cross
Thursday27/05/202110m 1900Tiers Cross
Sunday30/05/202110m0730Neyland (2 up)
Thursday03/06/202110m1900Tiers Cross
Thursday10/06/202110m1900Tiers Cross
Sunday 27/06/202115m1100R15/6 (Open event)
Thursday 01/07/202110m 1900Tiers Cross (Come try)
Thursday 08/07/202110m1900Tiers Cross
Thursday 15/07/202110m 1900Tiers Cross
Thursday 29/07/202110m1900Tiers Cross
Thursday 05/08/202110m1900Tiers Cross (2 Up)
Thursday 12/08/202110m 1900Tiers Cross
Thursday 19/08/202110m1900Tiers Cross (Come try)
Thursday 02/09/202110m1830Tiers Cross
Saturday02/10/20211m1400RH16 (Hill climb)