Marshal Schedule 2019

All Our TTs are run over a 10 mile Course as an Individual with the exception of the * dates
09/05 – Novelty TT – vintage,BMX.trike,Shopping bike,
06/06 & 05/09 – 2 Up TT – 2 riders per team – 4 marshals required
Date Course Marshal 1 Marshal 2 Marshal 3 Marshal 4
04/04/19 Neyland  Mark Whitby  Mel M  Kath DB  Anne Arnold
11/04/19 Redberth  Jeff Arnold  Tom Arnold  Jason Cole   Anne Arnold
18/04/19 Tiers X  Anne Arnold  Paul Managhan  Niall King  Marc Gelona
25/04/19 Neyland  Rob Allen  Kath DB  Mark Whitby   Anne Arnold
02/05/19 Redberth  Grant Arnold  Tim Brace  James Phillips   Anne Arnold
09/05/19 Tiers X *  Marc Gelona  Will Goldsmith  Corina Holley   Anne Arnold
16/05/19 Neyland  Jeff Arnold  Clive Davis Gloria Davis    Anne Arnold
23/05/19 Redberth  Andrew Rees  Julie Andrasko  Tom Arnold  Lee Scourfield
30/05/19 Tiers X  Niall King  Dave Francis  Paul Managhan   Peter Lloyd
06/06/19 Neyland*  Jonathan Pickford  Jon Williams  Anne Arnold  Mel M
13/06/19 Redberth  Ben Stone  Anne Arnold  Shane Davies   Rob Smith
20/06/19 Tiers Cross      Niall King Dave Francis
27/06/19 Neyland    Paul Managhan  Steff Frost   Anne Arnold
04/07/19 Redberth  Mike Lindsay  Andrew Rees   Anne Arnold
11/07/19 Tiers X  Jack Ackermann  Steff Frost  Ricki Morgan   Anne Arnold
18/07/19 Neyland  Steve Reynolds  Nathan Miles  Jack Ackermann   Anne Arnold
25/07/19 Redberth    Ben Stone Rob Smith   Anne Arnold
01/08/19 Tiers X    Ed Clements  Colin Barrett   Anne Arnold
08/08/19 Redberth  Johnathan Pickford       Anne Arnold
15/08/19 Neyland  max jones  Julie Andrasko
22/08/19 Redberth  Ricki Morgan  James Phillips   Anne Arnold
29/08/19 Tiers X  Ed Clements  Colin Barrett  Grant Arnold   Anne Arnold
05/09/19 Tiers X*  Jason cole  Anne Arnold