Rides will leave the Meads Leisure Centre at 9am unless otherwise advised.

We encourage you to use the club facebook group or the forum on this website to say if you are riding and which group you wish to ride with. This will help members plan ahead and should avoid you turning up for a ride to find you are the only rider. Please say if you intend to ride as others may think nobody is going and not bother. It has been evident than when riders say they are attending the numbers increase.

Prior Notice: As Club chairman I would like to introduce a “Chairman’s Choice” ride which means that the route and format will be up to me – it may be a little different and probably be an all day occasion – sometime in the Spring. The plan is to do a proper 100 mile tour around Pembrokeshire, you know, north, south, east and back home west!

I am hoping to bribe enlist the help of non-riding partners to assist with a couple of feed stations along the way but mechanical back-up will be up to the riders.

To this end I will ask Clive to add 1hr to our average 3hr ride time once each month from December so that by March one club ride that month will be 6 hours. The following month we will ride the 100 miles. The aim of this is to prepare for and undertake a century ride together and encourage members who may have not yet done so to “take it on”.

Any feedback gratefully received.


It is intended to run at least Groups 1 and 2 on ALL Sunday Rides. See this link for more information: Club Ride Format


Thanks to Clive Davis who has taken over the route setting chores. A freshen up of the ride list for the coming months will hopefully keep us all interested when the weather turns – as if it hasn’t already. If you can ride in the summer in Pembrokeshire, you can certainly ride in the winter!

The usual club ride guidelines apply and these can be found here – Club Ride Etiquette

We welcome ride leaders for all rides and if anyone wants to do it but is unsure then please just ask and assistance will be given. The ride leader should nominate a sweeper before the ride leaves. There is information on leading rides on the website also.

SUNDAY  3 DECEMBER – Wolfscastle Figure of 8

SUNDAY 10 DECEMBER – Half and Half

SUNDAY 17 DECEMBER – Christmas Meal Appetiser  – That time again. PYC  are doing a Christmas Dinner on the 17th for £9.95 with sweet extra. Anyone wanting to go please make their own booking and preferably a week in advance. Plenty of options to pull off the route and extend for those not eating and wanting more mileage. Of course non-riding friends and family (children welcome) can meet there and  join us for the meal. Changing/Shower facilities available. This has been an excellent day in previous years so make your booking in plenty of time. Call Mark or Christine 01646 692799 and mention you’ll be dining with The Tritons!

For anyone leaving a car at PYC and ride we can arrange to meet en-route.

SUNDAY 24 DECEMBER – COFFEE RIDE – The Coffee Ride will go to Broad Haven as it always has with all groups riding there together at a suitable pace (group size decided on the day).

IMPORTANT: Routes for the return to be decided by the different paced groups. New Ladies, Newcomers and Beginners will hopefully join us on this ride as an introduction to riding with the Club. (Non-members are allowed 2 rides with the club before deciding if they wish to join).

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