Last Beginner’s Ride (6)

Tomorrow sees the final Beginner’s Ride for now and we have had 13 different riders attend at various times. Some have attended all rides and have grown in confidence and joined the club on the Coffee Ride last week.

Following this series of rides the club will be offering a slower paced Club Ride alongside the usual rides on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. We are aware that whilst some riders are happy with the increased pace as the club has progressed, there are probably as many who are happy to ride at a slower pace. It has been discussed in the past and rides will always be offered as long as riders turn up to ride.

It is estimated that the slower rides will be 10-12mph average speed as a guide so a 2hr ride will take between 20-25 miles depending on route and wind! As with all club rides nobody will be left behind and experienced club riders will accompany the ride.

The riders who are not quite at that level or do not feel confident enough to ride in a group on the roads and prefer to progress at their own pace are more than welcome to use our Facebook Group page to stay in contact with other beginners and arrange rides. From our experience if you post on there that you are going for a ride you usually will have company!

For those who have attended the beginner’s rides and have not yet joined the club you can do so via the British Cycling website. See our links page.

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