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    The E-shop will be open next week sometime, just waiting details from Kalas.
    So if you are looking for summer shorts and jerseys now is the time to order.
    Also for all you time triallists, there will be a selection of skinsuits.



    The shop is now open for all your summer items. It will be open for 2 weeks.

    Password mitri321



    Online buying has a wealth of advantages over traditional purchasing. The shop is open 24 hours an afternoon, meaning you can purchase items at any hour of the day or night time, or buy items at the move via your telephone. Buyers can tune stock degrees and locate associated gadgets without problems, and you may keep a document of your purchase records, making repeat purchases a bit of cake.

    Compare this to the conventional model of the football club kit secretary: a burdened character – regularly a volunteer without a retail revel in – who has to offer over half their attic / storage / wardrobe space to mismatched gadgets of kit, doesn’t realize if there’s ever going to be call for for half of the stuff, doesn’t have a geared up stock of what’s in inventory and is most effective ever one pair of shorts faraway from a entire meltdown.

    Moving your kit buying online is higher for your club and members, will store your membership precious cash and volunteer aid, and will even assist you bolster your membership’s price range.


    Ease of ordering: gamers (or parents) just need to pick their length and any personalisation (numbers or initials).
    Look the component: the whole lot else is the way you specify – no threat of everybody turning up on matchday in exclusive tops!
    Total manipulate: in addition to choosing kit options, you can specify printing options.
    Earn budget or make financial savings in your individuals

    Pendle FC club save homepage (example)

    It’s smooth to set up a professional-searching, smooth-to-use on line shop with Pendle
    Rebate or cut price?

    You can choose our rebate or bargain fashions, depending on your membership’s economic strategy and priorities.

    At a look:
    Rebate Discount
    Earn fee on all garb orders located in your membership save Offer your gamers and executives the high-quality price feasible
    Rebate is credited to the club account on a 3-monthly foundation Beneficial when seeking to comfy sponsorship for kits
    Use your rebate to order trophies, gadget, balls or whatever you opt for! Generous financial savings on Pendle listing fees

    The dad and mom / players segment of the site permits you to promote pre-customised kit direct to membership individuals
    Happy managers

    If you need to buy a complete crew kit, you could do it quickly and easily with all your badge and sponsorship alternatives pre-loaded. You’ll additionally get the overall gain of Vintig MarketPlace generous bundle offers.
    Happy players

    It’s clean for players or dad and mom to get gadgets of package or merchandise, delivered direct to their door. As badge and sponsorship printing are already pre-agreed, your order can be prepared for despatch in subsequent to no time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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